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  • +358 40 669 7257 (mon-fri 10:00-16:00)
  • Free shipping for orders over 100€
  • Shipping in EU 15,00€



1) “Is Kivalo Design Oy a Finnish company?”

- Yes. Kivalo Design Oy (‘Ltd’) is a Finnish design company founded in 2021.

2) "What does the name ‘Kivalo’ mean?"

- Kivalo is an old line of hills in Finnish Lapland. Our story is located nearby the Kivalo hills.

3) "Is it possible to visit the Kivalo factory?"

- Unfortunately no. Our factory is very small and its location is quite distant, so it is not possible to arrange safe factory tours at the moment.

4) "How to reach your company?”

- The best way to reach us is via email kivalo@kivalodesign.com. We also have a social media accounts on Instagram (@kivalodesign) and on Facebook (@kivalodesign).


1) “Where can I find the delivery terms of the Kivalo web store?”

- The delivery terms can be found on the footer section of the web store.

2) "What is the delivery time of my order?"

- The standard delivery time is 2-5 working days. The delivery time depends on the selected country and on the chosen delivery method. Please note that we can not control the schedules of our logistics partners, such as Finnish Posti.

3) "What is the right of return for my order?"

- If you are a consumer you have the right to cancel your order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act by notifying your cancellation to us at the latest 14 days after you have received the goods, or the last lot of the delivery, or if it is a question of regular deliveries of goods at the latest 14 days after you have received the first shipment.


1) "Where are Kivalo Design’s products made?"

- The Kivalo products are made in Finland. A major part of our product line is also handcrafted in the city of Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. If and when we use subcontracting, we aim to use Finnish services.

2) "What is the origin of the materials or parts of the Kivalo products?"

- We use mostly Finnish materials and/or parts. When it’s not possible, we aim to use Finnish subcontractors.

3) “What are the typical materials for Kivalo Design’s products?”

- For example, the typical materials for our products are high-quality wood materials, such as Finnish birch and Finnish birch veneer. A major part of our veneer is certificated (PEFC & FSC). To finish our wooden products, we use natural, protective and safe wood and colour waxes. In some products we also use other high-quality materials, such as Carbon Steel, leather and cotton.

4) "What is the steel of Kivalo knife blades?"

- On our knives, we use mostly Carbon Steel (80CrV2, HRC 59). The grinding is the famous Scandi Grind. In general, Carbon Steel is a hard and durable material which is relatively easy to sharpen and great to use - for example - in wood carving. The downside is that Carbon Steel blades can get rusty - to prevent that, remember to dry and clean the blade before you put the knife back to the sheath. If needed, it is recommended to use some salt-free oil on the blade.

5) "How to take care of the Kivalo cutting board?"

- If the cutting board starts to feel dry, we recommend treating it with paraffin oil (or some equivalent oil). Hand wash only, please!

6) "Who designs the Kivalo products?"

- Usually we design the products - but of course, the exceptions might exist. If a product has an actual head designer, the name can be found on the product page.


1) "How to get Kivalo Design’s logo or other material?"

- The best way to ask for materials is via email kivalo@kivalodesign.com

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